Must-Have Shoes For SS2022 – Don't Miss Out On The Top Trends

In the wholesale industry, it’s very important to plan ahead and to keep up with the latest fashion trends. As retailers get ready for Spring/Summer 2022 collections, TradeGala has prepared a list of seven top shoe trends for the next collection:


Wholesale Loafers

Loafers will be one of the greatest trends on shoes for the following season. This is something that will be in across both luxury and affordable retail. Whilst black is definitely the favourite colour, the search for white loafers has been increasing lately so it’s safe to predict that it will keep rising throughout the next collection. Leather is customers’ top material for this fashion item and black and white are a given. Take it to the next level with some statement loafers.


T-strap high heels

The lovely t-strap will return. A horizontal strap just at the start of the toes linked to a vertical strap that crosses the middle of the foot and makes sandals look delicate and elegant. Even if your focus is wholesale women clothing, having this kind of sandals near dresses and skirts in your next collection is offering the footwear that your customer was going to look for after purchasing your items. Focus on high heeled, jewellery embellished for events or flat with white leather straps for casual wear – whatever will suit your target audience.


Glitter Mid Heel Shoes

Sequins and sparkling embellishment on shoes are here to stay. This number from Beta Shoes is a great design with also trending ankle straps and mid heels. If your focus is wholesale shoes, you need to do a good search for this type of item as they will sell very well. Silver, gold, white and rose gold would be top colours to invest in.

Pointed Peep-Toe

Peep toe high heels

Pointed-toes and peep-toes will be trending too – the two of them together is a bet to win! Once again, we see the jewellery and sparkling embellishment details. Note the elegance of the heel with a metal strap and a small diamond pattern. This shoe is mainly see-through, which is another trendy element that you can see a lot across fashion magazines right now and will be trending in the next season.


Flower Detail High Heels

The upcoming season will see a lot of flowers, feathers and fluffy elements that are appealing for the touch. Bold and bright colours are trending too, so this is a good suggestion to inspire retailers. Think about what your target audience is and see how these trends may apply to them.

Strappy High Heels

Strappy high heel sandals

Strappy high heeled sandals and shoes are one of those trends that haven’t really left for the past few years but we will see more of it in Spring/Summer 2022. This is an example of one that is very versatile as it could be used for casual everyday looks and also match a midi spring dress in a semi-formal gathering. Stacked leather straps across the lower leg and long straps almost until the knee are classy and trendy too, so it's worth considering if it fits your shop’s style.

Fisherman Sandals

Floral Sandals

Sandals that enclose the foot with straps, such as fisherman sandals, are also a top trend. A flat white one like this feels like a good match for summer dresses. However, fisherman sandals can also be chic; black leather with golden metallic chains and buckles would be a good combination.

Spring/Summer 2022 is just around the corner – don’t get behind! Check out the TradeGala wholesale shoe collection for an array of wholesale shoes for every target audience.

Written by Catarina Joele

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