Going Global - B2B marketplace TradeGala partners with UK Government DIT

B2B marketplace TradeGala partners with UK Government DIT to help  fashion brands expand into new international markets
  • TradeGala joins Department for International Trade (DIT) E-Exporting Programme to help  fashion brands expand into new international markets 
  • New joint initiative will help UK fashion business owners reach a wider audience  than ever before 
  • Company to launch a recruitment drive to onboard more UK-based fashion brands

Fashion businesses that have their sights set on global  expansion can take advantage of the latest initiative from leading UK-based B2B fashion  marketplace TradeGala.  

The company has partnered with the Department for International Trade (DIT) – an arm of  the UK government that helps businesses export and grow into global markets – for its  exciting E-Exporting Programme.  

TradeGala joins an elite group of global marketplaces already taking part in the programme,  which has helped thousands of UK brands and retailers launch into new international markets.  

The E-Exporting Programme will enable TradeGala to expand its reach into new international  markets, giving its brands greater visibility to buyers around the globe. The company will also  be running a recruitment drive to onboard more UK brands that want to expand  internationally. This will also mean that its marketplace offers a bigger choice of brands for  UK buyers and their boutiques.  

TradeGala’s joint CEO Mina Melikova says the DIT collaboration is an opportunity to make  a positive change for the fashion industry: “2020 was an unprecedented year for UK fashion  on all fronts,” she says. “The realities of Brexit have caused confusion among both brands and  retailers, and the pandemic has made us all rethink how we need to move forward as an  industry. Our collaboration with the DIT has come at the perfect time for TradeGala, helping  us to help business owners reach a wider audience than ever before and give a much-needed  boost for international trade within the UK fashion industry.” 

To find out more contact or submit your application to register online  via


TradeGala is the brainchild of Kuganeswaran Thangarajah and Mina Melikova who share  almost 25 years’ experience in the fashion and wholesale industries. The online marketplace  was created to fill a gap in the market for a user-friendly online platform offering a B2C style  user experience for B2B fashion companies.  

Since its launch in 2019, TradeGala has already helped a number of emerging brands take  their first steps into the international wholesale market. Its new partnership with DIT will see  it reaching a wider range of fashion businesses and entrepreneurs, helping its brands navigate  the network of international trade. 

While TradeGala works with well-known fashion brands such as Paradox London and  Gatsbylady London, its zero-cost registration and membership plans makes it ideal for  emerging brands and entrepreneurs wanting to take their first steps into fashion wholesale  and international trade.  

Smaller brands can be eased into wholesaling slowly by setting lower minimum orders and  offering their available stock alongside their other retail channels. Using simple  merchandising techniques that are common in the B2C sector, brands are able to showcase  their products before thousands of pre-screened buyers from all over the world.  

The company also helps its customers adopt Fast Provisioning, which is appealing to boutique  buyers as it enables them to react quickly to new trends and buy only what they need. Its B2B  marketplace model is especially geared up for this type of buying and wholesaling as it offers  live stock visibility ensuring that products can be delivered in a matter of days.

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