In a hugely competitive and fast-moving industry, TradeGala is revolutionising wholesale fashion


TradeGala is an online B2B fashion marketplace, efficiently connecting wholesale vendors and retail buyers from around the world. Our customised e-commerce platform offers fashion brands the simplest and most cost-effective way to increase sales and expand into the global market; and gives buyers and retailers access to a vast collection of desirable products, a great shopping experience and personalised customer service.


By harnessing the latest technologies, we aim to facilitate excellence in all aspects of the fashion business: real-time accounting, inventory, purchasing, warehouse management, logistics, POS, reporting and CRM - all in one user-friendly system. TradeGala will be a pioneer for the fashion industry, modernising outdated systems and facilitating international trade for businesses of all sizes.


Mina Melikova

Mina is the creative mind behind the fashion companies City Goddess, Goddiva and TradeGala. Trained as a fashion designer with some of the biggest names in the industry, she later went on to co-found City Goddess in 2003, the wholesale fashion brand which has become one of the most respected wholesale evening wear suppliers in the UK. Building on the company's success, Mina designed and launched the Goddiva brand in 2009 as an independent B2C fashion label, and continues to have a hand in every aspect of the management and design of this successful business. Her constant strive for new innovations led her and her business partner Kuganeswaran Thangarajah to launch TradeGala in 2019 - the B2B online marketplace, revolutionising wholesale fashion.

Kuganeswaran Thangarajah

Kugan draws on his wide experience in manufacturing and business to contribute to the success of his fashion empire, including City Goddess, Goddiva & TradeGala. By forging strong industry relationships and a streamlined infrastructure, City Goddess and Goddiva are able to stay ahead of the game, picking up on the latest trends as soon as they appear, and going from original design to production in as little as a week. TradeGala is the fulfilment of a dream to bring the concept of a user-friendly marketplace platform to wholesale fashion, pioneering the use of e-commerce technology to modernise the industry. Combining focused leadership and a strong team who are passionate about the industry, Kugan has helped transform the concept of fashion supply and purchasing, bringing it inline with the technological innovations available today.

Brand Identity

Our Director

TradeGala is an innovative e-commerce platform for the wholesale fashion industry, created by the founders of successful fashion businesses to help facilitate trade between brands and retailers, and modernising the fashion buying process.

Our Director

Our B2B marketplace offers fashion brands the simplest and most cost-effective way to increase sales and expand into the global market; and gives buyers and retailers access to a vast collection of products, a great shopping experience and personalised customer service.

Our Director

By combining years of industry experience with the latest innovations in technology, we are creating the future of fashion, today.

Our History

The first spark of an idea was born in early 2019. Drawing on years of experience in the fashion and wholesale industries, TradeGala directors Mina Melikova and Kuganeswaran Thangarajah saw a gap in the market to create an online solution to an industry problem. While the retail sector was making leaps and bounds by taking advantage of e-commerce technologies, the wholesale fashion industry seemed doggedly stuck in the past, with the majority of transactions being carried out via trade show sourcing trips, meetings and time-consuming line sheets. Wasn't it about time that fashion brands could easily promote their wholesale products to a global audience without the prohibitive costs and time-commitments involved in attending international trade shows? Shouldn't fashion buyers have easy access to brands from around the world by using the same advanced technologies used on retail platforms?

The solution was simple – to create the first fully responsive wholesale fashion marketplace merging retail-style usability with wholesale supporting functionality. Of course, while the solution may be simple, the talent and vision needed to create it is anything but. Putting together a talented team of professionals and drawing from the most advanced technologies available, TradeGala went from concept to reality in just 9 months, and we celebrated our soft launch in September of 2019.

As word began to spread and more brands and buyers began to join it was clear that our original solution would only take us so far. In response to user feedback and customer experience we put together a plan to expand the system features and tailor the website to offer the best user experience available. Updates are constantly underway, and the 2nd quarter of 2022 sees the launch of TradeGala 2.0 - the future of wholesale fashion. Where do we go from there? Where technology leads us.

Our History

Work for tradegala

Work for tradegala
Work for tradegala

TradeGala is the future of wholesale fashion, which is why we need people that are ready to grasp that future with both hands. We know that a diverse and talented team is the secret to our continuing success, so if you think you've got what it takes to make a difference and help us take TradeGala to the next level, we want to hear from you. We regularly update our careers page with the latest job openings, or you can contact us directly to let us know what you have to offer. So if you want to work in an environment that supports diversity and growth, talent and drive, get in touch.

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