Shoe Trends for 2022 – Wholesale Footwear to Stock this Season

Now that the Covid-19 plan B has ended and people are no longer required to work from home if they can, many will return to going to work every day and getting out of the house more. What does that mean for wholesale shoes?
Shoe retailers should take this opportunity to stock up specific items which will most likely sell in the upcoming season. If you manage your own boutique, even if there’s limited space, retailers can always keep a few models of shoes and that will increase their profit margins. Here are the top five wholesale footwear trends for spring summer 2022:

Details and Bright Colours
Flower Peep Toe High Heel Shoes
Glitz Shoes Glamour N Glitz Satin Flowered Peep Toe High Heel Court Shoe
High heel, peep toe, soft satin, and a flower detailing – this number has it all. Details such as bows and flowers will be trending in the Spring Summer 2022 collection, and so will the bright colours, such as this pink. However, this high heel shoe is also available in turquoise, silver and black. 
It gives customer plenty of scope to match their shoes with an evening dress, for example, and if this is not for a formal occasion – it doesn’t have to be – it might be the case that the black one is already enough to cause an impression. Get to know your clients taste so you can better stock up the items they need.

Glitter, Diamonds and All Things Shiny
Glitter Knee High Boots
Glitz Shoes Tall Glitter Panel High Heeled Boots
Sequins, sparkling detailing and diamond embellishments are trending in both wholesale clothing and shoes. Here’s a good number for everyday looks, to style with midi skirts and trousers, for example. High heeled long boots, half suede, half sparkling sequins. These are available in black, navy blue and silver – it will be hard to pick one!

Flats and Metallic Colours

Metallic Sneaker
Pinto Di Blu Fashion Sneaker Brown Two Tone
The metallics are one of the hottest Spring Summer 2022 trends and that does not apply to footwear only. Silver and metallic greys are in, but golden is also a great pick, and since there will be so much chunk golden jewellery, golden details in shoes will be appreciated. Flat shoes and fancy sneakers are items to stock up – and don’t forget the ballerina flat shoes too.

Heeled Ankle Boots
Heeled Ankle Boots
Pinto Di Blu Low Heel Womens Bootie - Brown
Women are always up for a classic, and this is a classic with a twist – brown suede heeled ankle boots with an espadrille-like detailing on the back. Ankle boots are one of the most evergreen items of footwear, they are used on moderately cold days throughout the whole year, but especially in spring and autumn. Without a doubt, they are a safe choice.

Buckle and Metal Detailing 
Court shoes with buckle
Glitz Shoes Satin Low Heel Peep Toe Court Shoe
Metallic detailing such as buckles, bows, little charms and chains are trending in wholesale footwear, so do not feel reluctant to stock these up. This model is available in navy blue, black, silver and cream.

Managing your own shop isn’t easy. There are a lot of decisions to be taken, and many have a risk attached. What to stock is one of the greatest challenges, but there’s an online marketplace connecting retailers to wholesale suppliers that is here to help. Explore the latest trends on shoes at TradeGala

Written by Catarina Joele

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