What are the SS2022 Trends in Women's Fashion?

Fashion is constantly changing, and to keep a successful business in this industry, you must be sure to have some awareness of what is currently in style. We’re currently in the SS2022 season, and if you’ve left stocking your store to the last minute, don’t worry, TradeGala is still here to help.

While there are some wardrobe staples that will always fly off the shelves (think a little black dress, jeans and a nice top, etc.), there are plenty of trends that will come and go - and it’ll be in your best interest to go with the flow, offering what’s in style at any given time.

So what is trending this season?



Florals will likely always be in style for spring and summer, but each year can bring something new to the classic look.  This year’s take on florals follows the recent high-feminine and vintage-inspired trends. Think long flowing dresses and 1950s-inspired looks. You can stock a wide range of fabulous floral dresses and they’ll be flying off the rack in no time. Here at Tradegala, you can pick up hundreds of floral dresses, all at attractive wholesale prices.

Looking Glam Vintage Collared Swing Midi Dress In Floral

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses have been around for a long time, but they’ve only recently become a wardrobe staple, and it certainly appears they’re here to stay.
Get right on this trend quickly and you can quickly become the "go-to" for this type of style. Curating a niche is a great way to keep a store running, and why shouldn’t your niche be the shirt dress? They’re perhaps one of the most versatile of outfits; they can be worn to the office, on holidays, and even at weddings! 

Nesavaali Luxi Printed Shirt Dress

Bright colours

Whether it’s skirts, dresses, or trousers, everything is brightly coloured this season. So stock your shop with the brightest, boldest colours and you’ll attract any fashionista looking to wow this summer. At Tradegala, you’ll be able to find beautiful clothes and accessories in every colour of the rainbow.

Liquorish Floral Midi Wrap Dress In Orange And Yellow

Cut-outs, co-ords, and naked dresses

This season, fashion is taking a less is more approach, with cut-outs, co-ords and naked dresses making a stir. Perhaps not a look for the office, but with clubs open and parties allowed once again, these styles will be sure to fly off the shelves. Stock the right options and consumers will come flocking for your red-carpet-worthy dresses.

Avinci Halter Keyhole Cut Out Maxi Dress

We’ve given you options for each of these trending styles, but for more head over to our wholesale section and you’ll find even more beautiful options in all of these and other fashion trends.

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