TradeGala is open 365 days a year, however our customer service team will be taking a much deserved break between 21st December - 6th January. You can still order online throughout the Christmas and New Year period, but make sure you know when your favourite brands will be open and shipping during this time with our handy guide below.

Please note, due to a high volume of national and international deliveries during this time, shipping companies may experience some delays. Please always check your tracking information in order to find out the latest information regarding to your order.

Brand Last Order Processing Last Shipment Usual Service
Ad Lib 18th December 20th December 6th January
Aimelia 24th December 24th December 26th December
Anitas Swimwear 24th December 24th December 26th December
Brandhouse Fashion 17th December 20th December 6th January
Broke & Beautiful 13th December 20th December 7th January
City Goddess 17th December 20th December 6th January
DFTC 17th December 18th December 2nd January
Ella Impressions 24th December 24th December 26th December
Gatsbylady London 24th December 24th December 27th December
Geniris Paris 24th December 24th December 26th December
Glitz Shoes 12th December 13th December 2nd January
Globaltex Fashion 16th December 19th December 30th December
Goddiva 17th December 20th December 6th January
Gold Lunar 18th December 20th December 1st January
Haus of Deck 15th December 16th December 2nd January
Hugz Jeans 20th December 24th December 27th December
Independent Clothing 20th December 20th December 2nd January
ITZON 20th December 20th December 6th January
Jeva Fashion 16th December 16th December 10th January
KDK London 16th December 23rd December 2nd January
Lindy Bop 13th December 13th December 2nd January
Liquorish 20th December 24th December 26th December
Looking Glam 16th December 16th December 3rd January
Nesavaali 19th December 19th December 11th January
Paradox London 20th December 24th December 2nd January
Priya 18th December 18th December 5th January
Skimmed Milk 22nd December 23rd December 27th December
Versa Forma 24th December 24th December 27th December
Vildnis 23rd December 24th December 27th December
Zibi London 22nd December 24th December 27th December
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