Getting to Know the TradeGala Brands

At TradeGala, we are proud to support each and every fashion brand that we work with. We carefully select the brands that you see available on our platform, to ensure we only offer the very best in the industry to our buyers.

Whether you are interested in becoming a TradeGala seller, or you’re a buyer and would like to find out more about our brands, we aim to be transparent and provide you with all the information that you need. Get to know just a few of our fabulous wholesale fashion sellers.

Independent Clothing Wholesale (Marc Angelo)

Independent Wholesale by Marc Angelo | TradeGala

Created in 2005, Marc Angelo designs and delivers quality and stylish staple pieces, as well as one-of-a-kind show-stoppers. With a variety of silhouettes in mind, Marc Angelo designs for the 21st century woman for all occasions.


KDK London

KDK Wholesale Fashion | TradeGala

Focusing on on-trend and in-demand styles, KDK London brings catwalk styles to the masses at affordable prices. The brand specialises in dresses that are elegant and sophisticated. Made using luxe fabrics, the KDK pieces are high-end, without the price tag.


Gold Lunar 

Gold Lunar Jewellery Wholesale at TradeGala

As a luxury British accessories brand, Gold Lunar creates stylish and timeless pieces than can be worn all year round. As a go-to for gold plated layering necklaces, delicate or chunky rings and on-trend hair accessories, Gold Lunar create highly desirable pieces that are super wearable too.


Haus of Deck

Haus of Deck Wholesale Fashion at TradeGala

With a focus on making women feel beautiful and confident through fashion, Haus of Deck design with the 21st century woman in mind. Their pieces empower women, and encourage them to express themselves and their independence through fashion. The brand encourages women to have it all, and helps them feel amazing each and everyday with their beautiful clothing.


Hugz Jeans 

Hugz Jeans Wholesale at TradeGala

Everyone should own an amazing pair of jeans that fit like a glove. Hugz Jeans is the UK’s fastest growing denim brand because of the amazing fit that they offer. The Huz Jeans shape the natural curves and lift in all the right places, for a super flattering cut that no other denim brand could compete with.


Jeva Fashion 

Jeva Wholesale Fashion | TradeGala

Jeva believes that every woman is unique, which is why they create tailored dresses to suit every shape and size. Their dresses prove that every woman can be stylish and look amazing, it’s all about what you wear and how you wear it. Their collection of bespoke dresses is striking, and the Jeva pieces are highly sought after.


Lindy Bop

Lindybop Retro Wholesale Fashion | TradeGala

Creating fun, feminine and flattering clothing, Lindy Bop are inspired by classic garments and fashion trends of the past. They offer a modern twist on vintage fashion, as well as a fit that’s designed for the women of today. Each and every Lindy Bop piece is lovingly created in-house and features fun prints and unique designs.



Liquorish Wholesale Fashion | TradeGala

Liquorish was created in 2009 and quickly found themselves stocked in a variety of high street stores and independent boutiques. Providing unique styles for women of all ages and for all occasions, there’s something from Liquorish that everyone loves.


Looking Glam

Looking Glam Retro Wholesale Fashion | TradeGala

Looking Glam is a UK ladies wear and accessories brand. With their own in-house design team, the brand is always developing new styles to keep up with demand and the ever changing fashion trends. Aiming to deliver new up to date pieces with competitive prices, Looking Glam is a popular wholesale choice.


Paradox London

Paradox Wholesale Shoes at TradeGala

As a family business, Paradox first started 30-years ago and focused on fashion footwear, dance and bridal shoes. A little later, the brand noticed that the market was lacking high-fashion and comfortable bridalwear, and from this Paradox London Pink was created. The brand revolutionised the bridal footwear industry, and are now a go-to.


Ruby Rocks by Brandhouse Fashion

Brandhouse Fashion Ruby Rocks at TradeGala

This bold and brave brand has never been shy about their design choices. Ruby Rocks chooses not to follow fashion trends in order to stand out from the crowd. With creative prints and silhouettes, the brand is fashion forward but in a different way, offering their customers something completely new.



Nesavaali Wholesale Fashion by TradeGala

Nesavaali is all about the unique aesthetic in the lifestyle of an urban woman. The designs are both modern and refined creating a staple statement. Intricate, rich, bold, fresh and stand true to be an “innovative fusion characteristic fashion brand” like no other.


Versa Forma

Versa Forma Wholesale Sportswear | TradeGala

A lifestyle and activewear brand creating high-quality products which make working out look good. Unique products where design and functionality are combined to make the perfect sportswear range.



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Written by: Amber Domenech Patey

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