What's Trending in Women's Wholesale Fashion Jewellery This Season?

Here’s something that women’s clothing retailers should worry about. Accessories – jewellery in particular – are an efficient way to easily increase your profit margins. These items are not as time-sensitive as clothing but, although they offer a longer shelf-life, considering them evergreen material is a mistake to avoid. Having said that, keeping up with the latest tendencies on wholesale jewellery is very important, so take a look at the main current trends:

Wholesale Statement earrings

Statement Earrings Wholesale

Roselinde Statement Earrings

Long statement earrings, as in, chandelier kind of earrings, are trending this season. The also trendy flower and gardening motifs are also present here. Women who actually know how to wear and make the most out of accessories know that this kind of item can make a even casual top look stylish. But fashion boutique managers have the power to make that suggestion through the display of their store.

Wholesale Chain Necklaces

Wholesale Sterling Silver Chain

Sterling Silver Link Chain

This is another trend that is here to stay. Some women prefer delicate link chains more, but the chunky ones, particularly in golden tones, really are in right now. That is why retailers really need to make a call according to the target audience they are serving. If the store sells loungewear and cropped tops, the chunky option would probably be a good fit. Finer and lighter chain necklaces such as this one are the right fashion accessory for blouses, casual midi wrap dresses or work dresses.

Wholesale Pearl Jewellery

Bijuland Pearl Necklace

Bijuland Pearl Necklace With Lace Brass Pendants

Jewellery with pearls is a worthy investment for fashion retailers as it will sell very well this season. Chunky golden jewellery is also trending now so this particular necklace seems to have a pretty good combination of elements. This necklace will be the perfect match for a black round or off-the-shoulder neckline. It can also match white, cream or black dresses and even maxi evening dresses as long as the dress has a relatively simple design so it won’t overdo it. Plus of course, pearls are the perfect choice for wedding jewellery, so it's a great choice for bridal boutiques.

Wholesale Fashion Charms

Wholesale Charm Necklace

Coral and Mint Pineapple Necklace

Little charms have become increasingly more popular in jewellery this season. Bracelets with sets of small charms are already very common but these lovely elements are also meeting necklaces and earrings, including single earrings. This kind of jewellery makes it easier for customers to buy gifts, as in these charms they can find an object, animal – or fruit – that is particularly special for a specific person. This is a sales opportunity to explore.

Wholesale Statement necklaces

Rainbow Bead Necklace

Nine Angels Neon Rainbow Clay Necklace

Big, flashy and colourful statement necklaces are amongst the latest jewellery trends. There is a young feel to them but they are also appreciated as an important element for a bold look. Unlike clothes, people don’t wear jewellery every day – or at least not everyone does – and when they do, one accessory can totally transform an outfit. Give them a chance!

A fashion boutique with jewellery and accessories is a treat for customers. Be one step ahead in offering what they want. Discover trends and explore our section of wholesale jewellery at TradeGala.

Written by Catarina Joele

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