Women's Wholesale Bags – The Must Have Accessories Your Boutique Needs

You know all about wholesale women’s clothing, what is trendy, what is best to invest in, how to prepare for every upcoming season. But is this all you need for an appealing women fashion boutique? There are many elements that contribute to success, but a clothing shop where customers know they will find novelty, quality and the classics they need plays a big role in it. Researching what is available in wholesale bags is a great strategy as this is one of women’s favourite accessories. But what kind type of bags should you add to your boutique?

Wholesale Leather Handbag

Yama Malva Onna, The Small Crossbody Leather Bag

Women’s love for leather handbags is a mystery we haven’t yet fully unravelled. Now that everybody is into oversized bags – and leather was never out of the equation – why don’t you shift the focus to small bags? Cross-body handbags are very popular because they are so practical. This round and light brown model has all it takes to become a best-seller.

Designer Canvas Handbag

Hettie Ella Handbag - Fern Canvas

Floral and gardening motifs are trending this season in accessories – jewellery and bags alike. From the shape to the colour, without forgetting the floral-like detailing, this bag agrees with the countryside; and it’s another cross-body. However, consider your target audience. What type of wholesale clothing are you selling? Who is your typical customer? Try to answer these questions to make sure you are not losing your focus.

Wholesale Leather Messenger Bag

East Village Adam Messenger Bag

If your store is vintage or hipster oriented, you might want to consider this type of bags. It’s particularly successful amongst those with artistic sensitivity – women who are into painting, illustration, architecture, sculpture and DIY tend to appreciate it. Of course, this product is not exclusive to this type of audience. Thanks to the several compartments and adjustable strap, it’s a very useful bag that can be used for work as a replacement of a bag pack.

Wholesale Floral Tote Bag

Joana Fulana Tote Bag

We have finally reached the super trendy oversized bags. This is a curious example of how a bag can please different kinds of customers, although it tends to be more popular in women after their 30s. Thanks to the bright and pastel colours, this bag can help uplift the spirit of the person who wears it. Keep it near female suits for a bold suggestion.

Wholesale Leather Shoulder Bag

East Village Athenian Sling Bag

Metallic illusions and detailing have been very popular lately. Keep up with the trends and consider this kind of design for your store. This bag is available in black and two shades of brown and it will match leather trousers, shirts, blouses and even summer dresses and layered outfits.

Wholesale Wash Bag

Joana Fulana Essential Wash Bag

We are wrapping up with another type of bag you may consider adding to your fashion boutique. This set of necessaires is always useful and it will sell well in any season.

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Written by Catarina Joele

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