How Working from Home is changing Wholesale Office Fashion - Lockdown Styling

With most of the world overwhelmed by the current Covid 19 pandemic we are all finding ways to survive and exist in these overwhelming circumstances. Worldwide, governments are encouraging their citizens to stay at home and practice social distancing on the limited trips that they do make. Making medical and essential shopping our only trips out is vital to protect our population, so as not to overwhelm our healthcare resources and the astonishing work of the NHS, police, post, delivery, food sales and other key industries. Most of the target customers for your business will now be embarking on their journey of creating a new normal. Working from home and homeschooling for primary, secondary and university students means an increase in social media, FaceTime, Zoom conferences and Skype - the socially distant forms of communication we are now getting used to on a daily basis. The "new normal" of working from home is changing wholesale office fashion - but what does that mean for retailers?

Sales of smarter tops & alternatives to wholesale loungewear for those working from home are essential for our customers to put on a professional front when receiving an unexpected FaceTime or Skype call with a client or manager. With so many fantastic brands here at TradeGala's wholesale fashion marketplace, we are here to help you navigate which options are most suitable for a wide range professions.

Ladies Working from Home Style Solutions

Bright Coloured Tops

When conducting a virtual meeting we find bright colours not only improve your mood, but also make you clearer to see on the screen. Trade Gala has a fantastic array of rainbow coloured smart tops which will lift any outfit.

Independent Clothing floral print top in green

Aimelia oversized green top with pearl detailing

Liquorish long sleeve green floral wrap top

Diamantine Dream longline v neck kaftan

Independent Clothing long sleeved top in mustard and brown print 


Diamantine Jabador Anissa long sleeved yellow kaftan

Figl and Lentif fril sleeve  blouse  Lo10

Blouses for Conferences 

A crisp, clean blouse thrown over a casual skirt or trousers instantly looks professional cementing the fact that a smart top half is essential to look the part whilst working from home.

Stella London the Regina blouse in red

Aimelia gorgeous oversized shirt with pussy bow

Figl and Lentif classic button up body in black

Independent Clothing ditsy print short sleeve black floral blouse

Liquorish Snakeskin shirt

Geniris Paris shirt Cecile in light blue 

Aimelia bow front cotton shirt in white

Smart Jackets

Womenswear investment pieces like a tailored jacket, smart cardigan or casual kaftan style cover up can transform a casual outfit into an ensemble that shows your customers you mean business.

Figl and Lentif waterfall jacket 


Figl and Lentif single breasted camel jacket m653

Fashion Concept GmbH Jimmy Sanders woman’s black jacket with metallic buttons 

Figl and Lentif woman’s vest by Katrus in grey


Aimelia  jacket with multi coloured trim

Zibi London Juno cardigan in black

Men’s Working from a Home Style Solutions


A few ironed shirts at hand is a great idea when working from home, easy to quickly wear with jeans or casual trousers for any online work video calls.

Fashion concept GmbH Auden Cavil men’s Turquoise shirt

Fashion concept GmbH Jimmy sanders checked shirt with logo print lapel

Fashion concept GmbH Jimmy sanders white long sleeve logo lapel shirt

Fashion concept GmbH Jimmy sanders blue shirt logo lapel pink cuff

Casual Tops

TradeGala store some great collections of casual tops that are comfortable for home working yet smart enough to be seen in if a work meeting online comes through.

Fashion concept GmbH Auden Cavil men’s green long sleeved polo

Fashion concept GmbH Auden cavil grey long sleeve t with sleeve stripe detail 

Fashion concept GmbH Auden Cavil men’s grey striped top

Fashion concept GmbH Auden Cavil men’s striped jumper polo neck


Tailoring is always a great idea for office wear and pulling on a jacket instantly transforms your outfit into functional work attire.

Diamantine opacto men’s velour longline jacket in blue

Auden Cavil Blazer Cardigan

While the world lives with the uncertainty of how the Covid 19 virus will affect how we work at present and into the future, it always pays off to stock up with the wide range of wholesale workwear and fashion available at TradeGala’s online warehouse. High quality design and fabrics help you construct a working wardrobe that can be relied on!

Written by Luanne McLean

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