How to choose the perfect range of women's tops for wholesale?

How to choose Women's Tops for Wholesale? | TradeGala | Fashion Buyer

Women's blouses and tops are a staple part of any wardrobe – usually lower cost items, and the perfect way to dress up or down a simple pair of trousers or skirt. Plus, with the rise in homeworking and video conferencing – the humble woman's top is currently on the rise in popularity – while we can get away with a pair or two of jeans and leggings to see us through, many shoppers are looking to refresh their wardrobe with a selection of casual, smart and dressy tops. But if you're wondering how to choose the perfect range of women's tops for wholesale, TradeGala has you covered.

The secret to success when selecting products for your retail store is to work out who your ideal customer is. What is her age? Her job? What are her hobbies? How much does she spend when shopping? If you have a brick-and-mortar store this should be simple – your target customer is the typical customer that visits your shop on a regular basis. With e-commerce stores it can be a little more complicated, but using your website's analytics you should be able to come up with your most regular customers' defining attributes. Do your best to visualise your customer – give her a name! And consider the most important question – what does she wear? Once you have this in mind selecting your new range of wholesale tops should be simple.

To make things even easier, at TradeGala we have put together a huge range of fashionable womenswear brands from around the globe who offer their trend-setting selections of wholesale tops, blouses and t-shirts, in both packs and single pieces. You can choose to browse one of our curated ranges (blouses & shirts, t-shirts, bodysuits, long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless and tunics), or you can simply refine your choice with our simple product filter – allowing you to search for products by price, colour, size, minimum order quantity, brand and collection. For example, if you're looking for some new tops for your clients who are working from home, you could select the workwear category and then refine by those brands who sell single pieces with a price range of £11-20. You are now presented with a selection narrowed down to your exact requirements allowing you to select the perfect range of women's tops in just a few clicks. You can shop with your laptop or mobile, at any time of the day or night. Plus our centralised customer service team is always on hand to help if you have any questions.

At TradeGala we love women's fashion, and we want to make it easy for fashion buyers to select the perfect womenswear range for their customers. If you'd like to take advantage of the wholesale fashion revolution, register as a buyer today and make fashion buying as simple as one-two-three!

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