Wholesale Gifts for Women - What you Need to Know

Gifting is a time-honoured tradition that has been practised for centuries. It is a gesture of love, affection, and appreciation. Gifts are given and received throughout the entire year, and any shopowner will know it’s a good idea to stock a number of options. There are many benefits to buying wholesale gifts for women. Buying in bulk allows you to get a discount and stock an extensive inventory that will last you a long time.

Offer a variety of options

Offering a wide range of gift options will ensure that you become a go-to option for those looking for that perfect gift for their loved ones. Stock a range of items, from jewellery and bags to some unique and less expected items. Consider also buying wholesale from independent sellers who offer handmade items, meaning you can stock some cute, unique items that customers can’t find elsewhere.

Offer deals around holidays

Offering deals around key gift-buying seasons will be a great way to dominate the shopping market. Definitely consider offers around the Christmas period, and your customers will keep coming back every year to purchase gifts for their family and friends.

Items to consider:


Jewellery is a great go-to gift for any occasion. Stock a wide range of options, from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and rings. Consider stocking a range of different price points so those on a budget and those with money to spare can come to your store and find something for those special people in their lives.


Bags are another great gift option and can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Stock some basic bags for everyday use that can be gifted to those looking for a practical option. Consider also having some novelty options in your inventory, in both unique shapes and colours. These will be flying off the rack when it comes to gift-giving. Like jewellery, it can also be a good idea to stock a range of different price options for bags.


Everyone loves to have a nice smelling house, making candles a perfect gift choice for anyone. Offer a wide range of different scents and special ones for different seasons - everyone loves a Christmas candle at Christmas.

Scarves and shawls

A great gift choice, scarves and shawls are a perfect accessory and one that should be in every boutique’s gift range. Ensure your inventory has a wide range of different patterns in materials in stock, offering options for any season.

Adding gifts to your collection is a great way of maximising sales throughout the year's holiday seasons. Stock up with a selection from the UK's top brands at TradeGala

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