How to Find the Best Wholesale Gifts Suppliers for Men and Women

If you are planning to invest in wholesale gifts for your retail store, there are a few elements to consider. Overall, it’s mainly a balance between selling the items that will increase your profit margins and meeting the customers’ needs.
As we get closer to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, the timing is just perfect to find new gift suppliers that your customers will love. 

Your best chance to make good sales on gifts in your fashion boutique is to include a mix of cheap and convenient items – these are always appealing – with top quality items that customers won’t be able to resist. Here is a selection of five wholesale gift suppliers that will have them coming back for more:

Pepper Harow England

Peper Harrow England Socks

Here is a common and yet always original gift for men: statement socks. For either smart casual or formal suit and tie dress codes, colourful socks with vivid patterns are always welcome. It’s easy to choose and, once again, easy to get it right with this gift. No doubt it is a great choice to invest in as a retailer.


Bijuland Wholesale Jewellery

Wholesale jewellery is a must-have when we talk about gifts and this supplier will not let you down. Bijuland has dozens of different items, ranging from bracelets to necklaces and earrings of all shapes and sizes – literally an option for every possible taste.

Tara Womenswear

Wholesale Men's Leather Belt

This is a supplier with many wholesale accessories for women, including statement necklaces, but you can also find gifts for men. A good leather belt is a useful gift so this is the kind of item you might want to add to your boutique. This brand is a great supplier because it has products for both men and women at low cost points.


Dorsya Wholesale Watch
Speaking of gifts for both men and women, let’s wrap up with an example of not so cheap but very good gifts: watches. Dorsya is one of the best suppliers for gifts, particularly around this Black Friday and Christmas period. They have beautiful metal watches in trendy black, silver, gold and copper colours.

The world map design in the dial represents an idea that is very relatable for many women in younger generations that travel more than ever. They also have a few metal necklaces with the same theme.

Botanica Watches

Wholesale Wooden Watches

For men, we suggest Botanica Watches, a supplier of wooden watches that are as beautiful as they are unique. The best thing about them is that they are vegan and for each purchase, the brand will plant one tree. The climate emergency is at the top of the agenda and your customers will consider this when they are buying gifts.

Whatever the style of your fashion boutique, the best suppliers are connected at TradeGala. Explore other gift ideas in our collection of wholesale accessories.

Written by Catarina Joele

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