Top Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for your Online Boutique

When you run your own online boutique, you know that you need to find the trending fashion products that will make your store stand out from all the rest. Which means you need to find the best wholesale clothing suppliers that you can trust to offer you top styles at competitive prices. It can be a daunting task to source new suppliers, so follow our top tips to find the brands your customers will love

Know your Target Audience

On the high street it's easy to recognise your target audience - they're the customers that visit your store regularly and keep coming back for more. With e-commerce it might not be as instantly visible, but there are lots of tools both on Google and social media that will allow you to analyse your audience demographic - their age, gender, interests and more. Once you know your most valuable customer you can start sourcing fashion brands that suit their style.

SlayTwins - Young Trending Fashion Available Wholesale

For example - a young, dynamic customer who is active on social media and looking for original designs at high street prices would love the selection offered by UK brand SlayTwins.

Karai Yoga - Wholesale Luxury Activewear

Alternatively, a more mature customer interested in health and wellbeing will be more interested in luxury activewear brand Karai Yoga. When shopping on TradeGala you can shop by individual brands, or filter product categories by price range, style and more to make sure you can tailor your collection to your clients.

Source Internationally

To stand out from the crowd you need to offer your customers something they can't get elsewhere. The good news is that there are hundreds of international brands more than happy to ship throughout the world. You'll need to bear in mind possible import duties when sourcing internationally, but your local authorities can assist you with more information, and often reduced international costs can offset any extra fees.

One of our most popular international brands is Ladyness Dresses from Turkey - a supplier of stunning high quality women's occasion wear and wholesale party dresses which will be the envy of the competition

Ladyness Dresses - Wholesale Women's Fashion Supplier

For a lower cost supplier look no further than Geniris Paris - trending women's fashion at amazing low prices allowing for healthy profit margins

Geniris Paris - Wholesale Womenswear

Trial New Brands

It's all too easy to get stuck in a rut when purchasing women's clothing for your online store - we go back time and again to trusted suppliers and providers we know are efficient, don't cause problems and are popular with our customers. But if you want to attract a wider audience and keep your current customers hungry for more it's time to trial some new brands. 

The downside to working with new suppliers is that there's always a risk that things won't work out - you may have issues with their service, or the products end up not being a good fit for your customers. Previously, retailers would have to assume major risks each season - thousands of pounds worth of forward order stock, only to end up selling it at a loss in sale season. With TradeGala, minimum orders are low, sometimes as low as £50, so you can create a small test collection and trial it with your customers at very low risk. 

Zibi London | Wholesale Clothing Supplier | TradeGala

For example - the ever popular Zibi London has a wide range of trending separates and accepts orders from just £50, while low-cost fashion footwear supplier Glitz Shoes accepts orders from just £60, and you can buy individual pieces rather than packs so mix and match to suit your needs.

Zibi London | Wholesale Women's Shoes


Follow the Trends

In order to triumph in the world of fashion retail and e-commerce, you will need to stay on top of the trends. However, it's more difficult than ever to predict what will be the next big thing. In early 2020 we were all planning for a hot Summer with sexy swimwear, and a big wedding season with elegant gowns. And yet, in the wake of the pandemic, it seemed the only major winners were loungewear brands - something nobody could have predicted. Even without worldwide upheaval, social media influencers can create new trends from one day to the next and it's vital that retailers are ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

At TradeGala we are pioneering the concept of "Fast Provisioning" - rather than forward ordering large amounts of stock in advance, buyers at TradeGala are able to order new stock from the live options available, and expect to receive it just a few days later. With stunning product imagery already taken care of you'll often be able to upload your new collections within the week. In order to get the fastest turnaround it's worth looking for your local brands - here are a some of our top picks based in the UK for our UK buyers

Gatsbylady London | Wholesale Women's Occasion Dresses

Gatsbylady London offer high quality occasion dresses with a 1920's twist, with a low minimum order of just £100

Haus of Deck | Trending Womenswear Wholesale

Haus of Deck supplies trending women's clothing and accessories at great low prices 

City Goddess | Wholesale Women's Clothing Supplier

City Goddess supplies a wide range of women's fashion, including occasion wear, casual dresses, office fashion and much more - available to purchase in both packs and single pieces

Whatever women's clothing, shoes or accessories you're looking to source - TradeGala has done the legwork for you. It's free to register, there are no hidden fees, and our user-friendly platform makes wholesale fashion provisioning as simple as your usual e-commerce online shop. Get registered today and get inspired!

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