How to Find the Perfect Women's Jeans for Wholesale?

Jeans. The wardrobe staple. Every woman's best friend. Ideal for lazy weekends at home, paired with a pair of trainers and a simple t-shirt. Great for a smart, yet modern office look when paired with a simple blazer. And perfect for a night out, when dressed up with a pair of heels, a strappy top and some statement jewellery. Jeans may well be the most versatile piece of clothing in women's wardrobes, and any self-respecting boutique or retailer should have an attractive selection to entice their customers. But, with so many styles to choose from, how to find the perfect women's jeans for wholesale?

Follow the Trends

Like all fashion, jeans are influenced by the latest trends. It may seem as if they're a constant in the fashion world, but whereas in the 90's almost every pair of jeans was bootleg or flared, recently bootleg has seemed to be almost a dirty word (although that looks like it's changing for 2020 thanks to designers such as Marc Jacobs & Gucci – as long as they're high waist!)

Wholesale Distressed Jeans
Victim of a thousand dad jokes, the distressed jean is unlikely to go away any time soon. Whether full-on ripped to pieces, or simply using aged-look denim to its best effect, these styles are a hit on any clothing rail:

Doutzen Wide Leg Distressed Jeans

Kenting Organic Cotton Wide Leg Jeans

Wholesale Jorts and Jean Bermuda Shorts
The major trend for 2020 is the cropped jean. Whether Bermuda style shorts, or cropped wide-leg styles – this trend was all over the catwalks and will be everywhere this Summer

Shay Denim Jorts

Victoria Crop Paper Bag Waist Jeans

Wholesale Skinny Jeans
The skinny jean trend doesn't look like it'll be going away any time soon, but the key to keeping things on trend is to make sure that the narrow leg is paired with a high waist. Shop the look with our selection of our favourite designs

High Waist Coated Jeans
Wholesale Coated Jeans | Wholesale Women's Fashion | TradeGala

Kapalai Tencel Skinny Jeans

Know Your Customer

But it's not all about the latest trends. While the fashion industry moves at a lightening pace, the retail industry must also know how to please the customer. And with jeans, comfort and practicality are top on most women's list. Even though bootlegs have been out of favour in fashion circles for almost a decade, many women still favour the flattering design. And while jeggings may be a little passé, most of us have a pair or two in our wardrobes as they're almost like pyjamas you can be seen out and about in! Whenever you're fashion buying, it's vital that you keep in mind your key demographic, the customer that keeps coming back to your store. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store, or sell exclusively online, you need to build an image in your mind of your customer – her age, her job, her hobbies, give her a name! Instead of shopping for your store, try imagining yourself as a personal shopper for her – what would flatter her shape, what style would fit her lifestyle? Once you get this technique down, buying wholesale jeans for your store will be simple and fun!

We're constantly updating our stock of wholesale women's jeans at TradeGala, with styles to suit every budget and taste. Make wholesale buying easy, register as a buyer on TradeGala today!

Written by Amber Domenech Patey

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