Become a Successful Wholesale Seller - Top Sellers' Secrets part 2: Merchandising

Distance selling can sometimes seem to be impersonal and confusing, but at TradeGala we want to get to know our buyers and their spending habits, which is why we have a dedicated sales team who contact them regularly to assist them, touch base and find out how we can improve. We thought we'd share with you the most common feedback from our buyers to help you improve your TradeGala store and maximise your sales.


Merchandising is a buzz-word when it comes to selling online, but what does it mean for you? Put simply, with e-commerce, it's not a case of “Build it and they will come”. If you simply upload your products and then forget about them they will soon get lost among the thousands of others being uploaded regularly by other brands. If you're searching for a product on Amazon for example, how many pages will you go through before making a decision? According to recent studies around 45% of potential buyers don't scroll past the second page. 

So how do you make sure your brand stays on top of the pack? There are a number of things you can do

Update your stock regularly

The most visited category on TradeGala is the New Arrivals page. Buyers want to see what's new since last they visited, plus it's a great way for them to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends. New products tend to hold on to the first page on the New Arrivals collection for around a week before being pushed out by more recent uploads. So it may be worth implementing a product upload schedule. Rather than uploading all of your new season stock at once, entice your buyers little by little by splitting your uploads a few at a time every couple of weeks. It keeps your brand exciting and gives buyers a reason to keep coming back

Tags for the win

Wholesale buyers often have a specific product line in mind when restocking their stores. Which is why we have created a wide range of product categories to help them navigate to exactly what they're looking for. In order for your products to appear in a certain category you need to make sure that you tag them correctly! Take a good look at your product. What category would you search if you wanted to find it? Don't limit yourself to the main product categories - a shirt might also be workwear or casual wear, while a dress could be suitable for a prom, a wedding, or a special occasion! Take your time to select the tags that best suit your designs to make sure that your buyers find what they're looking for

It's all in a name

For buyers in a rush the easiest way to find potential products is via the search bar. And the most reliable way of your products appearing in searches is to give them a descriptive name. While poetic names or product codes may suit your brand or help you organise stock, when uploading your designs on an e-commerce site it's best to use keywords in the product name. What are the stand-out features of the design? Wide leg? High heel? Maxi / midi / mini? Is the product made of an unusual fabric? Is it sustainable or unique in some way? Do your best to write a short 5-6 word title that truly describes your product. This helps internal searches but will also boost your SEO on Google and other search engines

What's working?

As with all things, most success comes through trial and error. It's worth taking a few moments every week or so to take a look at your store. Which products are proving popular? Which aren't? If you're not getting interest in a particular item, why not check that the tags are correct, and maybe consider adding a more descriptive name? Is the price point on a par with other similar items? Try to put yourself in your buyer's shoes - what would make you add to cart?

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Written by: Amber Domenech Patey

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