Become a Successful Wholesale Seller - Top Sellers' Secrets part 4: Global Reach

How times have changed. Not so many years ago buyers would travel to trade shows every season, visit brand show rooms and commercial districts to find the latest designs, pre-order for the coming season and return year after year to the same brands. But as the high-street has evolved to offer ever faster turnarounds, shorter seasons, international brands and extensive choice, so the wholesale industry has had to adapt to change with it.

Buyers are under pressure to source up to 52 micro-seasons each year. With highstreet giants such as Zara and Topshop restocking as often as twice a week, other retailers are doing their best to keep up with the ever changing trends. Many buyers are finding that the solution is to purchase globally, and thanks to international marketplaces such as TradeGala, buyers from as far afield as Australia, Mexico and South Africa can just as easily purchase from brands in the UK, Europe and the States as they can from their local suppliers.

This is great news for wholesalers - we now have access to a wider customer base than ever before. But only if we make our brand accessible to buyers the world over.

International shipping can be costly and at times confusing, however the benefits more than outweigh the the time it takes to investigate and set up. At TradeGala we've done our best to simplify shipping by grouping shipping regions into zones, and it's worth speaking with your courier to find out their shipping rates to the different regions worldwide. Sometimes certain shipping zones can be expensive, and high shipping rates can put buyers off, so take the time to shop around - you will often find a better deal if you're flexible.

It can be tempting to think "I'll research the cost of shipping when the buyer asks me to", but if a buyer can't check out immediately, 9 times out of 10 you've lost the sale. With fast turnaround and limited time, most buyers won't wait around for a quote, if your shipping rates aren't set up for their location they'll look elsewhere.

As always, keep an open mind. Just because you've always used one courier doesn't mean you shouldn't trial another - as e-commerce and distance selling become ever more popular with both direct and business customers, the range of shipping options has also expanded. Running a wholesale business is no longer about looking after your local retailers, these days we have the whole world on our doorstep.

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Written by: Amber Domenech Patey

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