Where to Buy Sustainable Fashion Wholesale? The Ultimate Wholesale Shopping Guide

Sustainable fashion - The Ultimate Good Shopping Guide: Ethical Comparison of Wholesalers

There’s no secret that the world has to wake up to the damage being done to the planet by our activities. A rise in consumers, especially the young, being more concerned about their carbon footprint, shopping, eating and disposable usage habits, have made society more planet-aware. Sustainable fashion is a hugely growing sector especially in the wholesale fashion market. The socio-ecological benefits of maintaining a sustainable fashion business in this modern climate is overwhelming. Businesses will benefit hugely from simply ensuring their products are ethical, from the dyeing process, through to production and assembly, all the way through to sale and distribution of wholesale garments. If you're asking yourself where to buy Sustainable Fashion wholesale, the good news is that there is an increasingly expanding range of companies who are targeting climate aware consumers by sourcing and stocking sustainable wholesale fashion. With customers more environmentally aware, it definitely makes good business sense for brands & retailers to adapt to the sustainable trend.

This can be achieved in a number of ways. Fair trade has been a buzz-word for decades, but the practice of ensuring that work forces aren’t exploited, and that cotton farmers and production workers are paid a fair price by the wholesale fashion businesses that employ them, is vital to the future of the fashion industry. Make sure your customers are aware of your commitment to sustainability by sharing a declaration of intent - transparency in how you are working on improving your carbon footprint and what steps you are taking to create a more sustainable brand is an important way of connecting with conscientious customers. Even something as simple as switching to recyclable packaging is a step in the right direction.

Here at TradeGala our wholesale marketplace has a section purely dedicated to sustainable fashion wholesale. This gives businesses access to several ethical fashion brands that have been causing a stir in the eco fashion circle. Winner of the Drapers "One to Watch" award, Aqua & Rock has created it's own sustainable fabric, "Aqua Triblend" - a mix of upcycled clothing, recycled plastic and organic cotton. The long term benefits of using sustainable materials has also been realised by another TradeGala wholesale fashion label - Nesavaali, who make beautiful, exotic looking pieces that are a huge hit with ethical fashion consumers. Skimmed Milk design fashion-forward, luxury leisure and sports activewear and are very popular with TradeGala customers, whie the fashion accessories brand Xander Kostroma uses organic cotton, wood and recycled plastic to create affordable jewellery and scarves. 

TradeGala buyers are also doing their bit to support the environment by reducing their carbon footprint - by sourcing a multitude of top quality products online rather than travelling to and from trade shows, showroom visits and meetings. Reducing your travel by just 3000 miles can reduce your carbon footprint by a tonne of CO2e per year - which is something we should all be striving for. Plus, by ordering small amounts of short-order stock in reaction to immediate consumer trends, retailers can reduce the amount of dead stock going to landfill, and at the same time increase their margins as investments can be planned in real time. If you'd like to become a TradeGala buyer, it's simple - just register here to get access to a range of wholesale sustainable fashion brands - there are no fees and no up-front costs. Ever.

The sustainable wholesale fashion business is sure to only increase in size in order to fulfil the consumers green garment demands. Make sure your fashion business grows with it.

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