The Best Wholesale Fashion Marketplaces - Where to Buy Wholesale Fashion Online

Wholesale Fashion Marketplaces - Where to buy fashion Wholesale

Wholesale fashion marketplaces are becoming increasingly popular among fashion buyers as the benefits of purchasing your entire collection in just one place is undeniable. With a trusted marketplace you have access to a huge range of brands all under one roof, without having to take the time to individually contact and create accounts with each one, one at a time. Plus it’s so much easier to compare products, brands and prices by adding products to your wishlist or filtering your product selection by type, price range or brand. On top of this, some marketplaces offer you the bonus of payment protection and centralised customer service so that you can be sure that the purchasing terms and level of service will be standardised throughout. In the same way that many private individuals choose to shop on world-renowned marketplaces such as Amazon, so wholesale marketplaces are doing what they can to bring this buyer security and ease of use to the wholesale market.


At TradeGala we do our best to combine the most user-friendly technology to create the perfect wholesale marketplace experience, including combined shopping baskets, payment protection, easy product filtering, and much more. TradeGala has a great choice of varying fashion brands covering sports, evening wear, vintage and sustainable, plus shoes and accessories - with more plans to expand our product range soon as we continue to grow. We are expanding our reach every day and working hard to bring the best brands on board, and both buyer and seller feedback so far has been very positive.

Brand Lab 

The only other UK based wholesale online marketplace at the time of print, as all the others we look at come from further afield. One of the stand-out services which Brand Lab offers is the ring-fencing of their brands’ current agencies and buyers so sellers will not be charged commission on existing customers. On the downside is that there do seem to be a number of errors on the site, and their social media presence is not up to date, so this does lead to questions about reliability and customer service.


Based in the United States with a New York headquarters, Joor hosts a digital showroom so, unlike some other marketplaces, no direct sales take place via the site. Instead, Joor acts as a huge database of brands and buyers, and assists in organising meetings and setting up contacts, preserving the more traditional buyer-seller experience. Despite registration charges for both sellers and buyers, Joor is undeniably popular - it showcases over 8,000 names, including top brands - offering a huge amount of choice to their buyers.  This would be the ideal resource for the more traditional buyers who are looking for a simple and secure way of connecting with new brands.

eFashion Paris

Based in one of the main fashion capitals of the world, eFashion Paris is extremely popular among both buyers and sellers. Despite limiting their sellers to local Paris brands only (many of which are unavailable online elsewhere), they have over 50,000 SKU’s and a huge range of products. Though the website itself is quite basic, the ability to access brands which may otherwise only sell locally, is a draw to many international buyers.

Brands Distribution

Based in Italy, Brands Distribution is home to 120 luxury Italian and international brands. Unlike most marketplaces, Brands Distribution actually warehouses its brands’ products and acts as a central distribution point, facilitating multi-brand shopping, plus with over 500,00 products and no minimum order, it’s a great option for many retailers looking to restock regularly. However, a monthly subscription charge may put off smaller independent buyers

Brands Gateway

In some ways similar to Brands Distribution, this Swedish based marketplace ships internationally from their central warehouse. Offering both wholesale and dropshipping, Brands Gateway specialises in large reductions on luxury brands’ past seasons. There are fees to register as a buyer, but many retailers will be able to recoup these costs through the large discounts on offer

At TradeGala, we believe that wholesale marketplaces offer the perfect solution for fashion buyers, and whether you want fast online shopping or more traditional brand introduction, there’s a wholesale fashion marketplace to suit your requirements. 

Written by: Luanne McLean

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