Where we Came From - Our History

While TradeGala as a brand is new to the industry, we have a rich and longstanding history in fashion. Already the founders and creators of two successful fashion brands - City Goddess and Goddiva, we have seen great success selling both directly to consumers and selling wholesale.

Read on to find out more about our history, how we created two successful fashion brands, and came to set up TradeGala. 


City Goddess - A Brief History

City Goddess Wholesale Fashion

Founded in 2003 by Thangarajah Kuganeswaran and Mina Melikova, City Goddess had a work smart ethic and strong marketing know-how from day one, resulting in rapid growth worldwide. Mina’s background as a fashion designer along with Kugan’s experience in manufacturing meant the pair could combine their extensive knowledge to build a fashion powerhouse.

Meeting market demands and staying ahead of trends in the industry from the start helped to create success for City Goddess and the brand quickly became a leading UK fashion wholesaler.

Now with a history in the industry that spans 15-years, the brand has created a reputation for ‘must-have’ designs. This coupled with their easy to use online platform means that City Goddess is a popular choice for both retailers and consumers. 


Goddiva - A Brief History

Goddiva Fashion

Based in London, Goddiva was created to offer celebrity style without the celebrity pricetag. Known for providing an easy to use online order system as well as a fast and efficient delivery service, Goddiva quickly became a go-to for occasion wear.

With an instantly recognisable look, the brand has its own in-house design team, creating unique designs that you won’t see elsewhere online or on the highstreet.  Today Goddiva is a number one destination for evening wear and occasion dresses. Offering their styles worldwide, people from all around the world rely on the brand for affordable dresses for special occasions.


The Future with TradeGala

TradeGala - the Wholesale Fashion Marketplace

Having already dominated the fashion wholesale industry with City Goddess and the occasion wear industry with Goddiva, we decided to support other fashion brands by creating a wholesale platform designed for both retailers and sellers.
We have seen great success with our brands, and intend to apply our tried and tested methods to our new brand, TradeGala. The new platform, available both on desktop, mobile and our easy to use app, enables sellers to market their designs to a wide audience, and retailers to easily access on-trend pieces to meet customer demand.

Our longstanding success and experience in the fashion industry means that we are well positioned to create a successful wholesale marketplace. With years of selling both to retailers and consumers behind us, we understand exactly what each type of customer is looking for, which has enabled us to create a platform for both buyers and sellers.

Our future with City Goddess, Goddiva and TradeGala is bright, and we look forward to continuing to grow, along with the TradeGala brands and buyers as we support them and help them grow their businesses too.

Written by: Amber Domenech Patey

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