Introducing TradeGala - The Global Fashion Marketplace

Introducing Tradegala - The Global Fashion Marketplace

Designed to work hard for both buyers and sellers, TradeGala is a global fashion marketplace with grand ambitions. Connecting buyers with brands that they love, and sellers with a large audience of retailers that are passionate about fashion, we believe that regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, your experience should always be fulfilling and mutually beneficial.

Read on to discover all you need to know about TradeGala, or start browsing our unique and diverse collections now

TradeGala Explained

The vision behind TradeGala is simple - we provide a seamless service to connect wholesale fashion vendors and buyers from all over the world. We work for both the buyer and the seller, by connecting retailers to brands they otherwise might not have come across, and by providing sellers with a platform with a large audience to promote and sell their designs.

We are a one stop shop dedicated to offering the very best in wholesale fashion. We intend to revolutionise the wholesale fashion industry around the world, becoming a leading platform and the go-to for in-demand and on-trend designs. We enable retailers to provide unique pieces and meet customer demand to help you stand out from the crowd, and we support sellers by providing a large global audience that are ready to buy from brands just like you.

TradeGala for Buyers

We work with premium suppliers in the business to bring retailers the very best the industry has to offer. This helps you meet demand and keep up with the ever changing landscape of the fashion industry, staying several steps ahead of your competitors.

Having a wholesale platform that you can rely on will help you create and grow a successful business. Never again will you struggle to find stock that your customers will love - at TradeGala our platform makes ordering the latest designs and restocking simple.

Our brands and their designs are all available to shop online at wholesale prices via our website and app. Our app means that buyers can access a world of wholesale fashion right in the palm of their hands, and our website is also just as easy to use for those that prefer a desktop option. 

TradeGala for Sellers

TradeGala makes selling to a wide audience online effortless. Our buyers are all retailers, meaning they are ready to buy in bulk, and will keep returning to buy from you to meet customer demand.

We offer you a user friendly dales dashboard, a customizable storefront, data analytics, inventory reports and much much more. Our platform is designed to make things easy for buyers and sellers, from setting up your store to making sales, with TradeGala everything runs smoothly to ensure you start making sales and get repeat custom.

Investing heavily in marketing means that we are bringing new buyers to you every moment of everyday. Our website and app generates over 40,000 sales leads and currently has over 3,000 regular customers with an average spend per order of £500-£1,000. We generate over 5 million page views per year and have a 24% conversion rate, meaning for every four visitors that land on the site we make a sale for you.

As you can see, TradeGala offers multiple benefits to both buyers and sellers, making setting up, growing and running your business in the fashion industry simple. Register today to get started.

Written by: Amber Domenech Patey

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