How to Curate a Women's Fashion Collection?

Women's fashion boutique

Everyone knows that feeling you get when you walk into a shop with the perfect collection. It’s the feeling every shop-owner, whether small or large, wants their customers to feel when they walk through the door or arrive on the website.
A great collection will help build relationships with customers as they’ll keep coming back to see what else you have in stock for them to fall in love with.

Curating a collection can feel overwhelming at times, especially for new businesses, but don’t worry, Tradegala is here to help you along the way. You can even check out our wholesale options and begin purchasing your collection online.

Step one: Decide on a target audience

So you’ve decided to curate a women’s fashion collection for your boutique? This is a great starting point, but for that perfect collection, you may need to get a little more niche. Who exactly are the women who will be coming to your store?

Will they be smart-dressed businesswomen with a lot of disposable income or struggling students? What clothing brands do they buy and wear these days: The Kooples and Kate Spade, or Primark and Pretty Little Thing?

These are all things to consider when creating a collection. If you regularly push stock that your target audience loves, you will have a loyal base that will return time and time again. That’s not to say you can never bring out a collection to appeal to other audiences, or that you can create a store that appeals to all kinds of demographics - it’s just best when starting out to find a niche and stick to it. That way, you’ll have a loyal audience!

Step two: Consider your brand identity

Steps one and two can really be done either way around; you just want to be sure they are aligned. If your brand identity is high-end fashion but your target audience can’t afford it, then your store is unlikely to succeed.
When curating and launching a new collection, you should also make sure that it’s in line with any pre-existing brand identity - if you’ve become known for professional officewear and suddenly launch a collection of sparkling mini dresses and platform heels, this may leave your customers confused. 
That’s not to say you can’t change it up sometimes, but you should remain mindful of both your brand and audience.

Step three: Research fashion trends

One important thing to research when creating a collection is what is actually in style now. There are plenty of resources online to do this; just go to the Vogue website and you’ll get some ideas!

Fashion trends change from season to season, but there’ll always be some staples: florals, the little black dress, heels, etc. You may want to target some of these if this is your first collection, as you can launch this whenever, as opposed to waiting for the right season.

Keep your eye on the runway, and you’ll be able to launch new on-trend collections at the beginning of each season!

Step four: Find wholesalers

When you’ve decided on a target audience, formed your brand identity and researched fashion trends, it’s time to start ordering items for your collection. For a guide on where to buy wholesale, you can check out our blog post here

Step five: Customer feedback

Once your collection has been curated and launched, be sure to check on customer feedback. This can help influence any future collections and can help identify what people liked and what they didn’t.

Whether you're just starting out, or are looking for some new wholesale fashion inspiration, TradeGala is here to help. Buyer registration is free, there's a low minimum order of just £150, and you can mix and match the brands you prefer. Plus, shipping is free to selected to the UK on all orders, and to the US and EU on orders over £300. What's not to love?

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