Why You Should Add Accessories to Your Women's Fashion Boutique

When it comes to wholesale women’s clothing, most retailers naturally focus on garments but wholesale accessories should be (if they are not already) one of the top priorities. There are a thousand and one good reasons to add accessories to your fashion store, but today let’s focus on the main six:

Wholesale Accessories increase your profit margins

From cutting down labour to increasing prices, there are many ways to increase profit margins but you must be smart about making such decisions in a way that will value your business and brand in the long run. One classic strategy to increase profit is raising your average transaction ticket, that is, the average that each customer is spending when they go to your store.

A good range of accessories will help sales assistants persuade customers to buy more than they originally intended with a These earrings would be a great match for this jumper you’re buying today kind of upsell approach.

Wholesale Earrings

Accessories boost your customer’s interest

If a customer returns to your store, she is obviously pleased with her previous shopping experience there. Everything plays its part, from the display to the store’s appearance including how helpful and friendly the sales assistant was – but mainly, she will return for the products.

Your customer must know that she will find the items that she likes, and whilst sometimes all she just needs is a new pair of jeans or a new dress, she might not be able to resist a new lovely scarf. Some of your customers will come because they feel like a wardrobe renovation. In any case, accessories will help.

Wholesale Women's Scarf

Accessories are convenient

The fact that accessories are useful is a good reason to add them to your store – customers will want to purchase them. This is particularly true in the case of wholesale bags

Wholesale Tote Bag

Statistics point out a projection that accessories such as wholesale jewellery and bags will be one of the most successful segments of fashion retail in 2022; this includes e-commerce, where this segment is projected to grow by 8.7% next year.

Wholesale Accessories are Cheap

At a first sight, this might seem the opposite of fruitful but we go back to the point of increasing profit margins by customers buying more than they were originally planning.

Wholesale Necklaces

Cheap accessories will make women feel like they might as well get that necklace or ring since they are already spending on the clothing items, anyway. These “extra additions” will positively impact your business.

Accessories are Less Season Sensitive

Most accessories are not as time-sensitive as clothes. That means they have a longer shelf life, so to speak.

Wholesale Women's Watches

Providing evergreen accessories is a safe move to increase profit and make your women’s fashion boutique more appealing.

Accessories are Engaging

Accessories are appealing and engaging and when it comes to upselling them there’s a sense almost as important as sight: touch. Accessories shouldn’t be exposed in corners or inside closed glass displays.

Wholesale Bags

They should be visible – at the centre of the store or near the cashiers would be a good place, as long as customers have the opportunity to take a good look at them and engage with them directly.

If you work with wholesale clothing, 2022 will be a splendid year and details make all the difference. Get ready for it and be one step ahead with our collection of wholesale accessories at TradeGala.

Written by Catarina Joele

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