Wholesale Women's Accessories - This Season's Must-haves

The fashion world is constantly evolving and changing, and it can be rather difficult to keep up with all these changes. There are staple styles that will always be in fashion, and they’ll be things that come and go as the seasons change, something that is true for both clothes and accessories. There are plenty of accessories that are in style this season that you really should be looking to have in your store, otherwise you’ll find yourself falling behind on trends and missing out on business. Here are just some of the accessories you should be sure to fill your store with this season.


A summer accessory that will always be in style is sunglasses. They are not only great for protecting your eyes from the sun and UV rays, but they also offer a glamorous look that can be worn with any outfit. With sunglasses, you should be sure to stock a variety of choices, from style to colour and even size. Give your customers as many options as you can, and some will likely even buy more than one pair for their summer wardrobe.

Beach bag

Everyone going on holiday needs a perfect bag to take to the beach with them. This will need to be large to fit towels, swimwear, books, magazines, and whatever else someone will want to take to the beach with them. Consider stocking oversized totes or straw bags. You may want to sell these at a lower price point than some of your other bags - people will invest in a handbag that they will use day-in-day-out, but they’ll likely be willing to fork out a similar amount for a bag that will likely get a lot fewer uses.

Summer hats

A summer hat is an essential item for any beach holiday, something that your customers will know. Consider stocking beautiful boho-ish straw hats - they’ll look stylish and protect your customers from those dangerous sun rays, allowing them to travel and celebrate the sun worry-free.


Jewellery is a must-have accessory for any season, and summer offers even more options. Consider stocking some anklets and toe rings for those looking for some summer fun, while still stocking the usual options of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Consider potentially stocking more options for those with body piercings this season too - the summer heat offers far more options for showing off skin and wowing with some glam belly rings.

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