London Mayor calls on Retailers to Stock re-usable Face Masks to help Protect the Public

Retailers Should Stock Face Masks - Sadiq Khan

As lockdown measures are slowly relaxed and the UK returns to a “new normal”, the public can once more begin to go about their everyday lives. But the return to work, the inevitable increase in the use of public transport, and the reopening of high street stores has prompted the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to write to major supermarkets to encourage them to stock reusable face masks.

With almost 9 million inhabitants, and a population density 14,550 residents per square mile in the Greater London area, Londoners are considered to be at a greater risk of the virus than in lesser populated areas, however the government has advised that face coverings should be worn in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible, throughout the UK.

Mr Khan wrote, "Whilst we at City Hall are encouraging the use of homemade face coverings, I recognise that there will be many Londoners who will need or want to purchase a ready-made product instead". Clearly not everyone will have the time or resources to fabricate their own masks, and with demand at never before seen levels, by stocking affordable face masks retailers themselves can become part of the solution.

Recommendations state that face coverings should be non-medical grade, washable and re-usable. Forward-thinking retailers are offering a range of fabric masks, from plain cotton coverings to elegant or fun designs. As face coverings become part of our everyday lives, consumers are looking for ways to inject their personality and make a style statement, and eye-catching prints or original designs are becoming ever more popular.

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